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Prepare your restaurant's future Guests, a sustainable project

To make a sustainable project of a restaurant we need to know the size, typology and services offered and of course the area where this restaurant will be opened, as the objective is to create a sustainable reality that consider also conservation of the building.

Energy sources : being mostly the second higher cost after labor, we are looking for opportunities to have the highest best sustainable performance, knowing how much energy we need to support operations. So we can consider passive housing opportunities and new forms of energy savings.

Depending on the area where the restaurant surge, important is to take advantage of the sun daily cycle that benefits firstly of light comfort and trap thermal energy. In order to sustain operations a combination of the best sustainable resources are available, from solar panels energy implants to geo thermic opportunities, eco heating pumps to structure the building and minimize cost production of sustainable energy that manage lighting HVAC systems, using the latest technology for the smart building management.

A Technology and energy management system that can perform as needed, that implement lower energy necessity depending on the business time. Analyze the possible energy requirement of the restaurant comparing similar operating restaurants, but that satisfies the target of clientele and business.

Waste management: the sustainable consult must go from the origin to the end of the food waste to understand process, costs involved and best practice.

Consider mostly products supplied by local suppliers and KM 0 staff to be engaged and trained for an effective sustainable ecofriendly performance. Calculate the cost and impact of waste management, and look for technology to implement into the restaurant for an effective food reduction, as for example compost locally avoiding the overall process of municipal waste treatments.

Finally to create an operational action plan to be follow to target the restaurant effective sustainable improvement process.

Do you want to learn more ? Ask Marco which is an Hospitality Experts and MBA in Sustainability in Hospitality Management.

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