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Sustainability A matter of understanding

Climate change issues have deeply impacted consumer’s behavior in many ways and the contemporary consumer is concerned about their lifestyles.

In developed countries it is not a matter of consumption but rather more a matter of choice. Food production, energy and water consumption, waste management, many of these elements of environmental impact must be considered nowadays when marketing the customer.

In order to make the right choice, the consumer has shifted to a much more sustainable approach when buying. In fact, even if often financially less convenient, when buying food, a consumer will often favor locally grown organic products certified with ecolabels.

Companies are forced to adapt to this change in consumer’s behavior if they want to stay in the market. In the Hospitality business more sustainable core values had to be implemented to permit a real change in attitude. Authenticity in service and product is the new motto, even if a hotel has already invested in bettering its energy performance and quality, customers will not be ready to pay for a better room but would pay more for an organic product in the restaurant. Young clients, in fact, are more willing to pay for it.

Sustainable initiatives depend in the hospitality market also from the typology of clients that are part of its core business. Reputation is still to maintain for its core business; therefore, Hospitality has implemented economic, social and environmental initiatives for the necessities of the new consumers. A responsible business reflects a responsible consumer in responsible marketing. A true match where the consumer wants to feel in line with sustainability when staying at a hotel and feels that the company is respecting their credo. This is the way companies can build their trust in marketing and, even if the traditional approach to marketing is still valid, a new era that includes sustainable and responsible marketing of ethical and ecological development include people, planet and progress. However, consumers are also weary of greenwashing companies, therefore when communicating a plan, a hospitality company must ensure that all the steps are carried out as consistently as possible.


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